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Welcome to Sarong Boutique, A Tropical Boutique offering batik beach wear, resort wear, tropical batik clothing, island wear, batik women's pants, tops, dresses, island style clothing and apparel, plus other products for your tropical lifestyle!

Sarong Boutique carries the most exquisite selection of batik Hawaiian Sarongs from Bali, Indonesia. Choose from many Sarong designs and motifs including Hawaiian, floral & aquatic, ethnic, eastern, native, primitive and more. Each Sarong is unique, as Batik is a process completely done by hand.

We also carry sarong sets, Brazilian style sexy beaded sarongs, harem beach wrap pant sets, Hawaiian shirts, aloha shirts, billabong style board shorts, swimwear accessories, beach cover-ups, sheer half sarongs, sheer beach sun dresses, rattan beach bags, seashell jewelry,  plus other products for your tropical lifestyle!

Just like the birds migrate south for the winter, a similar migration takes place during Spring Break, as thousands of spring breakers migrate to tropical destinations that offer fun, sun, surf and a cool beach atmosphere. Not only do we have the beach and surf wear to help you look awesome for your spring break holiday, we also looked around and found some great Spring Break destinations.

With Spring Break almost here it is time to nail down those final plans if you haven't already. Maybe one of these warm and simply gorgeous beach destinations will be your Spring Break 2006 Hot Spot. Here is what MSNBC's John Frenaye offers up as his TOP 10 Hot Destinations for this year's Spring Break. Do your own research to be sure they are offering exactly what you are looking for. And if you find a place to add to these let us know and we will post it. Send us your Spring Break Stories and Photos and we will put those up, too.

Spring Beak Hot Spot #10

The U.S. Virgin Islands in the Caribbean.
Also referred to as America's Caribbean Paradise, the U.S. Virgin Islands are made up of the islands of St. Croix, St. Thomas and St. John. These islands offer pristine beaches, warm weather, crystal-clear waters and a culturally diverse, ethnically rich, and artistically vibrant society in the tropics.

Spring Beak Hot Spot #9
Nassau in The Bahamas
offers beautiful clear turquoise waters. Better known for its gambling, it is also a port of call for the cruise ships so it can be chaotic. You will have to allow yourself a bit more time, and look beyond all the madness in order to enjoy and appreciate this fully.

Spring Beak Hot Spot #8
Key West Florida
is America's southernmost city and one of my favorite places. Only 90 miles from Cuba (to the south), Old Town in Key West is an interesting and flavorful blend of Cuba and of old Florida. Find a place to watch the sunset, enjoy the antics of the artists at Mallory Square or simply do nothing.

Spring Beak Hot Spot #7
Las Vegas Nevada
is known as The Party Capital of The World. Not my cup of tea as I am not a gambler, but an interesting place. It is fascinating to walk the strip and see a mini New York and even the Eiffel Tower from France. Each casino competes heroically to outdo the next one. But do be aware not to get caught up in the thrill of winning. These unbelievable hotels and casinos are not the ones going broke.

Spring Beak Hot Spot #6
Aruba, an island in the Caribbean,  is dry and the trade winds have a way of changing the look of everything including the shape of trees and other plants. White sandy beaches, windsurfing, water-skiing, nightlife and gambling contributes to this remaining a hot spot for Spring Break in spite of the recent boycott (which failed).

Spring Beak Hot Spot #5
South Padre Island
in Texas is a tropical island with miles of unspoiled beaches on the Gulf of Mexico. It has been the set for 'Girls Gone Wild' and a few E Channel Wild On segments. South Padre is called the perfect vacation place. Located at the tropical tip of Texas, it is a place where warm beaches, relaxing activities, and good lodging facilities come together. It’s a great solution for those family trips or, yes, for raucous Spring Breakers.  

Spring Beak Hot Spot #4
Fort Lauderdale Florida
is often called Little Venice. The city is a maze of waterways with restaurants and bars overlooking the canals. Beautiful beaches, turquoise waters, fabulous boutiques and excellent dining keeps it a hot spot.

Spring Beak Hot Spot #3
Jamaica is  emerald green forests, glorious beaches and waterfalls tumbling into cool, clear springs. The legendary culture is found in the reggae, and in the people, who really want to make you feel welcome. Party in Montego Bay (Mo Bay), Ocho Rios (Ochi) or Negril. Or, Runaway Bay for something calmer.

Spring Beak Hot Spot #2
Cancun Mexico
has gorgeous beaches making it a top Mexican destination. You will be able to pick up some good deals as they are still reeling from Hurricane Wilma which hit in late October. Though there is some beach loss, many hotels and attractions are doing their best to be open for the Spring Break crowd. A great destination anytime but now with the budget break, you may find it unbeatable.

Spring Beak Hot Spot #1
Riviera Maya
fifteen years ago was a sparsely populated stretch of Caribbean coastline with a bunch of Mayan ruins that attracted a handful of tourists from Cancun. Today it is the number one Spring Break destination for Tripso readers — the proverbial goose that has laid the golden egg. Extensive white-sand beaches, limestone caverns, underground rivers and freshwater pools called cenotes form the Riviera Maya’s main geographical features. Parts of its coastline are covered in mangrove swamps; other areas lie under low, scrubby forest. Offshore, a barrier reef stretches all the way to southern Belize, attracting scuba divers in all seasons. Resorts abound and offer the full complement of spas, golf, eco-tourism and, yes, cerveza!


Sarong Boutique carries the most exquisite selection of Batik Sarongs from Bali, Indonesia. Choose from many designs and motifs including Hawaiian, floral & aquatic, ethnic, eastern, native, primitive and more. Each Sarong is unique, as Batik is a process completely done by hand.

We also carry Sarong Sets, Beaded Mini Sarongs, harem pants, Beach Sarongs, Hawaiian shirts, aloha shirts, billabong style board shorts, tropical clothing, island wear, beachwear, resort wear, swim wear and accessories, beach cover-ups, sheer half Sarongs, sheer beach dresses, women's batik pants, tops, dresses, island style clothing and apparel, plus other products for your tropical lifestyle!

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