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Yoga Sarongs: Eastern Themed Sarong Wholesale : Meditation Sarongs & Tapestries.
Yoga Sarongs: Eastern Themed Sarong Wholesale : Meditation Sarongs & Tapestries.

Retail Price $48.00, (approx. 69Lx48W excluding fringe)

Retail Price for Hand Painted Batik Tapestries - $89.00
(for the larger rayon & the smaller cotton tapestries near the bottom).

Wholesale and Dstributor Inquiries                                      Retail Inquiries

Our Sarongs and Tapestries are all hand painted Batik works of art. The smaller tapestries are painted on cotton and are specifically designed to be wall hangings. The larger tapestries can be hung, or used as a Sarong, or wrap during Meditation. Or, as a light cover during Yoga Savasana. Yoga Studios hang the smaller tapestries behind, or near their altars. And the larger to cover a wall, or from the ceiling to separate space.

These beautiful yoga and spiritual arts feature Hindu Buddhist Themes and Deities like Buddha, Shiva, Ganesh, Tara and other art from India. We also include the Peace symbol, Yin Yang Balance, Kundalini Chakra Energy (favorites of the Kundalini yoga practicioners), the Om Symbol, Sol Luna Chakra Meditation, Energy, Rasta Meditation and other unique designs. 

These are from our Yoga Bound collection. Check out our parent site for information on yoga and other holistic therapies, yoga retreats, yogabound travel adventures, yoga teacher trainings and more!


Photos do not enlarge and item numbers are not in order. Please scroll to view all.

  Each of the following pieces are made from 100% first quality Rayon. Toward the bottom of the page you can view our 100% first quality cotton Tapestries. All pieces begin on white fabric. Each line of the design is drawn by hand. Then each line is hand waxed so that when the painters begin, the colors do not mix. The paints our artist use are the best available, and make for brighter colors. After that the tapestries are hung in the sun for several weeks so that the  colors set, and pop. This is a labor intensive process. Any irregularities are your guarantee this is unique and authentic Batik. We directly support artists, and cottage industries to preserve the arts and cultures of the countries we manufacture in. And subscribe to fair and ethical trading practices.  
Eastern Yoga Sarong Hindu God Shiva  







Eastern Yoga Sarong One Source   Eastern Yoga Sarong Buddha under Bondi Tree   Eastern Yoga Sarong Chakra Eye Kundalini

  Meditation Art & Tapestries
Yoga Sarong
 SRS001 - 1 in stock
Hindu God Shiva- Destroyer Transformer


  Meditation Art & Tapestries
Yoga Sarong
SRS002 - 5 in stock
One Universal
Cosmic Source


 Meditation Art & Tapestries
Yoga Sarong
SRS003 - Sold Out
Buddha under Bondi Tree
Orange Robe symbol for "No Suffering"


Meditation Art & Tapestries
Yoga Sarong
SRS103 - Sold Out
Chakra Kundalini Awakening

Eastern Yoga Sarong Hinda God Ganesh  







Eastern Yoga Sarong Buddha   Eastern Yoga Sarong Nepalese Goddess Tara   Eastern Yoga Sarong Hindu God Dewa Shiva

Eastern Yoga Sarong
 SRS104 - Sold Out
 Hindu God Ganesh
Symbol of Wisdom and Remover of Obstacles


Eastern Yoga Sarong
SRS106 - 2 in stock
Buddha Wisdom
Lotus flower symbolizes
purity of heart and mind


Tibetan Spiritual Art
SRS107 - 2 in stock
Nepalese Goddess Tara
Tantric Meditation Deity

  Eastern Yoga Sarong
SRS102 - 2 in stock
Hindu God Dewa Shiva
(Goddess Kali as an incarnation of God Shiva)
Eastern Yoga Sarong Egyptian Bird Goddess  







Eastern Yoga Sarong Goddess on Lotus Flower   Eastern Yoga Sarong Flower Girl Tantra Yoga   Eastern Yoga Sarong Funky Om Cosmic Sound

    Eastern Art
SRS110 - 2 in stock
Egyptian Bird Goddess


Eastern Art
SRS113 - Sold Out
Goddess Lotus Flower


Eastern Art
SRS115 - 1 in stock
Tantra Yoga Energy


Eastern Art
SRS123 - Sold Out
 Funky Om

Eastern Yoga Sarong Space Universal Energy








Eastern Yoga Sarong Om in Wheel of Life  

Eastern Yoga Sarong Om in Circle of Life


Eastern Yoga Sarong Balance Polar Energies

 Spiritual Art
SRS127 - 3 in stock
Infinite Universal Energy


Spiritual Art
 SRS130 - 3 in stock
 Om in Wheel of Life


 Spiritual Art
SRS145 - 1 in stock
Om in Circle of Life


Spiritual Art
SRS402 - 2 in stock
 Yin Yang Balance 

Buddha Rainbow Chakra   Khan Yin   Chakra Energy Awakening    
Hindu Yoga Art Tapestry
SPMST01 - Sold Out
Buddha Rainbow Chakra

Hindu Buddhist Art
SPMST02 - Sold Out
Khan Yin - Goddess of Compassion & Mercy


Chakra Energy
SPMST03 - Sold Out
Chakra Energy

Eastern Yoga Sarong Nature Rainforest Frogs  







Eastern Yoga Sarong Toucan   Eastern Yoga Sarong Panda Love    

Eastern Yoga Sarong
SRS204 - Sold Out
Nature-Rainforest Frogs

  Eastern Yoga Sarong
SRS220 - Sold Out
  Eastern Yoga Sarong
SRS207 - 1 in stock
Panda Love
Eastern Yoga Sarong Bird Goddess Katmandu Egypt Eastern Yoga Sarong Nature Rainforest Frogs Eastern Yoga Sarongs Tiger Power

 Eastern Yoga Sarong
SRS108 - 2 in stock
Bird Goddess 02 Katmandu Egypt

 Eastern Yoga Sarong
 SRS206 - 1 in stock
 Nature-Rainforest Frogs

 Eastern Yoga Sarong
SRS208 - Sold Out
Tiger Power

Eastern Yoga Sarong Toucan in the Rainforest    

Eastern Yoga Sarong
SRS219 - 3 in stock
Toucan in the Rainforest



Rayon Tapestries and Wall Hangings (Large)

Eastern Tapestry Large Hindu God Shiva   Eastern Tapestry Large Hindu Goddess Gayatri   Others are currently sold out so photos have
been removed.

Have your own design? Want to order at least 50 pieces?

Let us know your custom requirements.
 Eastern Tapestry Large
With hoops for hanging
SRS444 ($89.00)
1 in stock
Hindu God Shiva
Destroyer of Illusions
   Eastern Tapestry Large
With hoops for hanging
SRS445 ($89.00)
Sold Out
Hindu Goddess Gayatri
Portrayal of Brahma, almighty God
The Tapestries below are $89.00.
They feature a more intricate design and variety of colors on cotton. And can be easily
hung using string and a piece of bamboo or other material.

Hindu Meditation Art 
SPMST11 - Sold Out
Lord Ganesha

  Kundalini Meditation Art
SPMST12 - Sold Out
Crystal Buddha Chakra
  Kundalini Meditation Art
SPMST13 - Sold Out
Buddha Chakra Lotus
  Meditation Art Mandala
SPMST14 - Sold Out
Cloud Mandala
Meditation Art Yantra
SPMST15 - Sold Out
Flower of Life
Hindu India Art
SPMST16 - Sold Out
Ganesha Lotus
Meditation Art Mandala
SPMST17 - Sold Out
Kali Mandala
Meditation Art Mandala
SPMST18 - Sold Out
Flower Mandala
Meditation Art
SPMST19 - Sold Out
Om Lotus
Hindu India Art
SPMST20 - Sold Out
Supreme God Shiva
Meditation Art Yantra
SPMST21 - Sold Out
Sri Yantra
Meditation Art Mandala
SPMST22 - Sold Out
Star Mandala
Meditation Art
SPMST23 - Sold Out
Wheel of Life 
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