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Sarong Boutique carries the most exquisite selection of batik beach sarongs from Bali, Indonesia. Choose from Hawaiian, floral & aquatic, ethnic, eastern, native, primitive and other sarongs. Each Sarong is unique, as Batik is a process completely done by hand. We have all new colors and motifs. Find out more about custom orders,  shipping and other policies. We also carry sarong sets, beaded mini sarongs, harem pants, Hawaiian shirts, aloha shirts, billabong style board shorts, tropical clothing, island wear, Beach and Surf Wear, resort wear, swimwear accessories, beach cover-ups, sheer half sarongs, sheer beach dresses, women's pants, tops, dresses, island style clothing and apparel, other products for your tropical lifestyle and other 'Cool Stuff To Buy'.

Our other site, YogaBound, is a wonderful source for information on yoga, wellbeing through holistic practices and features shopping, classes, workshops, retreats like Yoga in Bali and Yoga in Thailand retreats. These are examples of the products we have in stock, or can source for you. Find out more about the gods and goddesses depicted by these Statues. For Wholesale.


   Sitting Ganesh Small
Antique Green (verde)

   Size: 12 in tall
   Price: $95 


   Sitting Ganesh Large
Antique Green (verde)

   Size: 24 in tall
   Price: $200  


Hand carved from Wood

   Size: 20 in tall
   Price: $175  


   Sitting Buddha
Antique Brown

   Size: 19.2 in tall
   Price: $150 


  Antique Brown

   Size: 18 inches tall
   Price: $160 


 Antique Green

   Size: 30 inches tall
   Price: $190


   Silver Plated

   Size: 28 inches tall
   Price: $190 


Antique Green
   Size: 14 inches tall
   Price: $125


Standing Ganesh

Size: 28 inches tall


Sitting Buddha
Antique Green

Size: 22 inches tall


There are literally hundreds of others. We will continue posting photos. You can email us with your special request. We'll see if we can find what you are looking for.

  There are many methods for making statues, and many different materials used. This affects the quality, which dictates the price. The superior pieces are hand crafted with an eye towards the most intricate of detailing.
Colors: Green and Brown, Antique Green, Antique Brown, plus Silver Plated. Antique is more expensive than non-antique. Silver plated is the most expensive.

Sizes which are close but approximates, are shown in inches and reflect height unless otherwise specified. These can be ordered in smaller, or larger sizes, too.

If you wish to wholesale our products, please note that we ship by sea in order to be cost effective for us, and you. Therefore, many of these items are available by pre-order only.

Statue Descriptions:

There are hundreds of gods, goddesses, demons and other deities in Hindu religion and mythology. Here are a few of the most recognized, along with a very brief description.

Ganesa, the Indian God of wisdom, is the most honored of all deities. He is the reputed eldest son of of Siva and Parvati, and the Hindu god of Prudence and Policy. Few books are begun without the words, "Salutation to Ganesa' and he is first invoked by Brahmans who conduct the trial by ordeal, or perform the ceremony of the home, or sacrifice to fire.

Hindu's believe in only one God but in many manifestations. This rotund elephant-headed God is the "Remover of Obstacles', as well as the God of Auspicious Beginnings and Blessings. On the coast of Coromandel, the Indians would not on any account build a house without having placed on the ground, an image of this deity, which they sprinkle with oil and adorn every day with flowers.

You'll find the image in all temples, the streets, the high roads, open plains and at the foot of some trees, so that persons of all ranks may invoke him before they undertake any business, and travelers worship him before they proceed on a journey, as he is the remover of obstacles. His vehicle is the rat.

Siva, the bright or happy one, is the third person of the Hindu Triad. As Brahma was Creator, Vishnu Preserver, in order to complete the system, as all things are subject to decay, a Destroyer (not the ordinary meaning) was necessary.

Though this may seem scarcely in harmony with the form by which he is usually represented, it must be remembered that according to the teaching of Hinduism, death is not death in the sense of passing into non-existence, but simply a change into a new form of life. He who destroys, therefore, causes beings to assume new phases of existence, the Destroyer really being a re-Creator.

Shiva appears in different every-happy postures. He has matted hair which holds the flowing Ganges river and a crescent moon, a serpent coiled around his neck, a trident (trishul) in his one hand and ashes all over his body. He rides 'Nandi' the bull. The cow, of course, is the holy animal of Hinduism. He is also known as Nataraj, the cosmic dancer whose
dance shook the cosmos and created the world. Siva's creative role is phallicly symbolized by his representations as the frequently worshiped lingam. His matted hair is said to carry Ganga, the goddess of the river Ganges, in it. Siva lives in the Himalaya and devotes much of his time to smoking pot. He has the third eye in the middle of his forehead and carries a trident.

Parvati, goddess and beautiful wife of Siva. Another of her forms is 'Durga'. In this role she holds weapons in her 10 hands and rides a tiger. As Kali she demands sacrifices and wears a garland of skulls. Parvati is represented in pictures as a fair and beautiful woman, with no superfluity of limbs.

When she appears as Durga or Kali, she manifests divine powers and exhibits a very different spirit from that which appears in her as Parvati. Hence the supposition that these were originally distinct deities, though now believed to be one and the same.

Durga is represented as a golden colored woman with a gentle and beautiful countenance. She has ten arms. In one hand she holds a spear with which she is piercing the giant Mahisha.

As Kali she is 'The Slayer of Time & Death'. 'The Destroyer of Illusion'. Kali literally means 'death' and 'time", but also 'black'. Goddess Kali represents the state where time, space and causation have disappeared. She is both the destroyer and creatrix. On some statues she is depicted standing on Shiva.

With one of her left hands she holds the tail of a serpent, with another the hair of the giant whose breast the snake is biting, her other hands are filled with various weapons. Her lion leans against her right leg, and the giant against her left. The images of Lakshmi, Sarasvati, Kartikeya and the Ganesa are frequently made and worshipped with that of Durga.

Vishnu is called the second person of the Hindu Trimurti, or Triad, but though second, it must not be supposed that he is regarded in any way, inferior to Brahma. In some books, Brahma is said to the the first cause of all things, in others it is a strongly asserted that Vishnu has this honor, while in others it is claimed for Shiva.

Most temples are dedicated to one or other of the gods, but curiously, there are very few Brahma temples, perhaps just one in all of India (at Pushkar in Rajasthan). Most Hindus profess to be either Vaishnavites (followers of Vishnu) or Shaivites (followers of Shiva).

Vishnu, the preserver, is usually shown in one of the physical forms in which he has visited earth. In all, Vishnu has paid nine visits and on his 10th will be called Kalki, and will appear riding a white horse. On earlier visits he appeared in animal form, as in his boar or man-lion (Narsingh) incarnations, but on visit seven he appeared as Rama, regarded as the personification of the ideal man and the hero of the Ramayana.

Rama also managed to provide a number of secondary gods, including his helpful ally Hanuman, the monkey god. Hanuman's faithful nature is symbolized in the representations of him often found guarding fort or palace entrances. Naturally, incarnations can also have consorts and Rama's companion was Sita.

When Vishnu appears as himself, rather than one of his incarnations, he sits on a couch made from the coils of a serpent and in his hands he holds two symbols, the conch shell and the discus. Vishnu's vehicle is the half-man, half-eagle known as the Garuda. The Garuda is benevolent, and has a deep dislike of snakes.

Lakshmi, or very commonly Sri, is the wife of Vishnu and under various names appears in this relation in his various incarnations. As the lord of the worlds, the god of gods, Janarddana descends amongst mankind in various shapes. So does his coadjustor Sri. Goddess Lakshmi is the goddess of prosperity, purity, chastity and generosity. Her four hands represent four spiritual virtues. She sits on a fully blossomed lotus, a seat of divine truth. Her personal charm is considered par excellence. An aura of divine happiness, mental and spiritual satisfaction, and prosperity always exist around her.

She came from the sea and is the goddess of love, beauty and prosperity. She is also known by the Haripriya, the beloved of Hari. As Padma, The lotus and Padmalaya, she who dwells on a lotus. As Jaladhija, the ocean born. Chanchala, the fickle one. And Lokamata, the mother of the world.

Krishna was the eighth incarnation of Vishnu. He was raised by peasants and thus, became a great favorite of the working classes. Krishna is renowned for his exploits with the gopis or shepherdesses, and his consorts are Radha (the head of the gopis), Rukmani and Satyabhama.

Krishna is often blue in color and is usually depicted playing the flute (murali), spreading the melody of love to people. His childhood devotee is Radha. He is usually remembered and worshipped as Radha-Krishna, symbolic of the eternal love between people and god. Vishnu's last incarnation was on visit nine as Buddha. This was more than likely a ploy to bring the Buddhist splinter group back into the Hindu fold.

Saraswati (Sahrahswatee) is the goddess of wisdom (knowledge), science and the arts. Known as the mother of the Vedas, or the inventory of the Devanagari letter, she is the wife of Brahma. She is represented as a fair young woman with four arms. With one of her right hands she is presenting a flower to her husband by whose side she continually stands.

And in the other she holds a book of palm leaves indicating that she is fond of learning. In one of her left hands she has a string of pearls called Sivamala (Siva's garland), which serves as a rosary. And in the other is a damaru, or small drum. At other times she is represented with two arms only, seated on a lotus, playing a kind of banjo. She dwells on earth amongst men, but her special abode is with her husband in Brahmaloka.

Hanuman Statues
This deity is a provider of courage, hope, knowledge, intellect and devotion. He is pictured as a robust monkey holding a mace (gada) which is a sign of bravery and having a picture of Lord Rama tatooed on his chest which is a sign of his devotion to Lord Rama.

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